Yinside - 6 Class Course

Yinside - 6 Class Course

$49.00 / 365 days

Total Duration: 3:48:25

Videos: 7

Yin Yoga is fascianating (no that's not a typo). In this short class program, learn some basic yin yoga poses with me and enjoy the slow, gentle muscular and connective tissue tuning that this yoga style is designed for.

Got sore knees? Try some Yin. Got a bad back... ditto. Think you've got more in your backbends than you do so far? Erm, try it.

There are 6 classes all together. We start off with a shorter class, for when time is finite and build to some longer time when you've got time to go Yinside:
  1. 15 min - Forward & Back
  2. 30 min - Wall Yin (for that meh day)
  3. 30 min - Mixing it Up
  4. 40 min - Yin for the spine
  5. 40 min - Yin for the hips
  6. 50 min - Yin for the Liver & Gallbladder Meridians
I'll be your guide practicing with you the whole way through. Put off the tv, put out the cat, and put on some Yin.

This course will be available to you for 365 days from the date of purchase.
15 mins - YIN - Forwards & Backwards
In this short practice we work on folding forwards and moving backwards putting our spine through what a spine needs for health.

Yoga Mat
30 mins - Wall YIN - level 1
A half hour of a great Yin practice to go to when you are tired or fried. Reboot with this stimulating practice for the back of the body.

What You Need:
A Yoga Mat
A Yoga bolster or cushion
A Yoga Block
some wall space
30 mins - Yin - Mixing it Up - level 1
In this 30 minute class, we spend 1/2 our time in forward flexion and the other 1/2 in backward bending or spinal extension. Great for your back... let's see what you think.

What You Need:
A Yoga Mat
Some Wall Space
40 mins - Yin for the Spine - level 1
In this short class we work on moving the spine in its 5 directions of movement. Great for lower back pain and mobility.

What You Need:
A Yoga Mat
Some Wall Space
40 mins - Yin for the Hips - level 1
In this Yin practice we will focus on the spine, the hips and twisting. We talk about fascia and its role in your movement health, reducing pain in the body and how it compliments dynamic sport.

What You Need:
A Yoga Mat
a bolster or cushion
50 mins - Yin - for the Liver & Gallbladder Meridians
In this longer practice we focus on the middle layer of the body, the Liver and Gall Bladder Meridian lines which facilitate Qi flow in our outer thighs and groin.

What you Need:
A Yoga Mat
A Yoga Bolster or cushion